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Easy Fix

She: “It’s hard keeping all the plot lines straight when you’re writing several stories at once.” He: “Tough to keep all the alibis consistent, is it?” She (ignoring him): “Not to mention all the character names straight. And how they look. Did she have red hair in this other story too?” He: “Easy fix. Keep […]

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It Is Well With My Bowl

She: “Please pass the salad dressing?” He: “OK … Dang!” She: “What dang?” He: “Something else we can’t use because we have town water.” She: “I like town water. Or do you really wish to go back to flushing the toilet with a bucket?” He: “Not I. But it means we can’t use the salad dressing. Read.” She: “‘Shake well.’” He: “Exactly! We don’t have a well. And if you think I’m going […]

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Chiefs & Peons

She: “Did you know that handkerchiefs are coming back into vogue?” He: “No …” She: “And … never mind, I can’t tell you.” He: “Can’t tell me what?” She: “About the cool colors they come in now. You’d be appalled.” He: “Probably. But I’m going to find out sooner or later, so …” She: “Purple, […]

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He Is Helpful

She finished her novel and said to He: “I just typed my tentative title into Amazon. Three-thousand other novels have the title, A Place to Belong.” He said: “That’s easily fixable.” She said: “Yeah, change the title.” He said: “A Place to Be Short.”

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