Easy Fix

She: “It’s hard keeping all the plot lines straight when you’re writing several stories at once.”

He: “Tough to keep all the alibis consistent, is it?”

She (ignoring him): “Not to mention all the character names straight. And how they look. Did she have red hair in this other story too?”

He: “Easy fix. Keep the stories going long enough, and they’ll all have blue hair.”

She (still ignoring him): “So I’ve set up this universal character table, I can refer to it instead of having to go back to each story every time I need to check on a name, or eye color, or what have you.”

He: “You have a Universal character table? Cool! Do you have a Paramount one?”

She (belatedly suspicious): “.. what?”

He: “Or a 20th Century Fox one, or a …”

She: “Warner Brothers, or a Disney, or a Columbia. Yes dear, I’ve got them all covered.”

He: “Nice.”

She: “And you’re a jerk.”

He: “!!”

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