Chiefs & Peons

She: “Did you know that handkerchiefs are coming back into vogue?”

He: “No …”

She: “And … never mind, I can’t tell you.”

He: “Can’t tell me what?”

She: “About the cool colors they come in now. You’d be appalled.”

He: “Probably. But I’m going to find out sooner or later, so …”

She: “Purple, and teal, and lavender, and fuchsia. And some in boring white.”

He: “Which they all will be, sooner or later. Once you throw the hankerpeons in the laundry with the bleach.”

She: “Hankerpeons?”

He: “Since when are chiefs going to stand still and let you blow your nose on them? Somebody should have been thinking about this when they were handing out names for things.”

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