Smooth, Smoothy, Smoothiest

Those words do not describe me. I have been making smoothies for myself on and off for months. I have also been making horrible smoothy messes on and off for months.

I have this exact, handy-dandy Magic Bullet Blender. It looks fool-proof, but if there’s a way, I’m the fool that will find it. I’m just that talented.

The Magic Bullet motor is powerful. It chops, mixes, and purees like magic. (Hence the name, right?) And we’re supposed to think the “bullet” part refers to the shape of the containers–BUT, it refers to the whirling speed of your smoothy. Have you heard of centrifugal force? Yeah. Don’t release the bullet cup before everything stops spinning. Trust me on this.

I also bought the 22 oz. travel mug so I could take my smoothies on the go. It has a flip top to make it easily transportable and is spill-proof as long as you remember to tighten the lid. (No biggie. I needed a new purse anyway.)

I bought my smoothie mix from Costco and I really like it. I make it with unsweetened Almond Milk and a drop or two of local raw honey. I haven’t tried adding any protein powder yet. I’m afraid it will make my drink gritty. If you know of a good brand that won’t feel like sand in my mouth, let me know.

I’m just not a breakfast eater, but I need more than coffee or I quickly run out of writing steam. My stomach doesn’t want to contend with solid food before 10:00 a.m. or so, but drinking my breakfast seems to work. In fact, a cup of coffee and a smoothie around 8 a.m. can hold me until about 2 p.m.

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