Amoeba O’Ceallaigh

Let me introduce you to my hubs. He’s a scientist; a trumpet player; a saint, a sinner, and everything in between. He is also the love of my life. He and I have been virtually misunderstanding each other since 2007. (Be sure to check out our IRL Love Story.)

We love wordplay and often express our geekiness in off-the-cuff conversations that tickle our fancy so much, we capture them in writing so we can inflict share our wit with others.

People subjected to our conversations say things like:

"Oh, no. Here they go again." ~ Jackie Swaney
"Oh wow. They do this in real life!" ~ Lavon Clark
"You were making sense just a minute ago." ~ Caryl Walker

Here’s one of my favorite He Said/She Said stories to cement the idea:

He came to the table and looked at the meal she’d prepared. “Corned beef? Why is it always corned beef?”

She frowned. Months had passed since she’d last served corned beef. “Huh?” 

He: “Why is it always corned beef?”

Her brain finally kicked in. “Seriously? You’d prefer pea-ed beef maybe?”

He: “Ew.  Maybe not. But how about broccoli-ed beef?”

She: “That’s your recipe. I always overcook the broccoli.”

He: “Okay then, how about rutabaga beef?”

She: “I’ll make it for you but then you’ll begga not to eat it.”

He: “You’re right. I would, but seriously,” he motioned toward his plate. “It’s corned beef, so where’s the corn?”

She: “It’s in this conversation.”

They giggled together. 

He: “Okay, that’s a punchline if I ever heard one. Are you writing this up or am I?

He Said/She Said ~ The Amoeba & The Quilldancer
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