ARC Reader Response!

Wow, I really enjoyed this book!! Great first novel. Can’t wait to read Katy’s & Gar’s story, & hopefully Ty’s, too. Really one of the best romances I’ve read in a good while. Authentic in setting & in attraction/desire & in fears. Reminds me a little of Janith Hooper’s books, while in a more modern setting. Well-edited & nothing too major in proofreading, mostly just little things. The angst dragged on a little near the end, but I can see why. It was a great example of sacrificial love & patience. Ruth was strong, but Boaz made sure to protect her in his fields. He also finagled a way to ensure he could marry her, which reminds me a little of Griffin’s hiring of Bella. Loved it!

ARC Reader

Whoohoo! I know that all my reader responses won’t be great, but I like this start.

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